Rising Damp
May I give you an up-date on the current thinking with regard to Rising Damp and how we can assure a potential Purchaser that finding Rising Damp doesn’t mean that they have to walk away from the purchase.
When Rising Damp is reported in a survey it can cause real concern for the Purchaser if they are not well advised and often result in the loss of the sale for the Vendor and their Agent.
In my opinion if that occurs it’s poor survey reporting and a disservice to both the Surveyor’s client and the Vendor.
In most instances, Rising Damp is caused by a build-up of debris in the base of the cavity wall which simply requires clearing.
This is done by opening up the cavity from the outside and clearing the debris which for most properties can be carried out within a couple of days at a cost of a few hundred pounds.
As this is an external job it doesn’t affect the interior finishes nor the occupancy of the property.
Minor incidences of damp will carry a warning of possible damage to suspended timber floors but if these remain level and firm to the tread then there should not be any significant or costly damage and of course solid concrete floors are unaffected.
In the rare event of really serious rising damp that has been there for some considerable time resulting in damage to plaster finishes then this does require more significant interior works. However the incidence of this level of damp would be clearly visible to all parties before any survey so would not come as any surprise!
From our point of view I can reassure the Purchaser that finding Rising Damp doesn’t have to be a deal breaker!

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