A survey is essential so you can be properly advised on the condition of the property you are wanting to buy and its value. We offer two main types of survey:

The Building Survey (or structural survey)
 A comprehensive survey which we recommend for the larger or older property. A detailed report is produced on the form of construction, defects found and action required. As part of our Building Survey we will include a buildings insurance valuation.

The Homebuyer’s Report (HBR) 
A more concise survey which we recommend for properties built after 1950. The report focuses on urgent or serious defects likely to have an effect on value, although it also includes much other valuable information.

In addition we can also offer the following:

Essentials Survey a product developed by Draycott Chartered Surveyors principally for their clients who have some knowledge of buildings and for clients planning major refurbishments who are really only interested in the Essential elements that will affect their decision to proceed with the purchase.

Dilapidations and Condition Reports
 A Schedule of Condition report may be requested by a seller to check the condition of their property before putting it on the market or this format can provide a brief report for a buyer of a new build.

We also provide a Schedule of Dilapidations for commercial landlords.

Specific Defects Analysis – If you are concerned about a specific problem such as cracking, damp, mould etc. Draycott Chartered Surveyors can carry out a limited inspection focused directly on your concerns and advise on the cause, significance and remedy. We can also usually put you in touch with a suitable contractor to carry out any recommended remedial works.

We would be pleased to supply a quotation for any of the above services. Please complete our quick enquiries form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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