Specific Defects Analysis

If you are concerned about a specific problem such as cracking, damp, mould etc. Draycott Chartered Surveyors can carry out a limited inspection focused directly on your concerns and advice on the cause, significance and remedy. We can also usually put you in touch with a suitable contractor to carry out any recommended remedial works.


Cracks can be as a result of structural movement but not always. These may be due to movement in the foundations due to a change in ground conditions caused by leaking drains, wetting or drying out of the ground due to trees or other circumstances. There are then movements caused by defective roof construction, inadequately supported structural wall removals or due to other faulty works. These will be carefully accessed and advise given as to required remediation.


Any roof area hidden from view can be a concern. We can carry out high level external inspections to properly assess their condition and any need for repairs as well as advising on future maintenance requirements.




Damp can be a problem from a number of causes, not all of which are obvious – and you may have more than one of them. It may be rising or penetrating damp; as a result of leaks in roofs or chimneys, failure of flashings, or defective damp-proof membranes. There may also be condensation, caused by poor heating, lack of ventilation, or inadequate insulation.


‘Rot’ is a term used to cover a number of types of timber decay, which can have any one of a number of root causes. We will examine and identify the decay, locate the cause or the source of the problem, and advise what is required by way of remedial works or treatment.


Woodworm tends to be found in older timbers, particularly where these have been in damp conditions. An infestation is not necessarily a disaster requiring expensive replacement timbers, though this is not out of the question. Instead the problem can often be cured by professionally applied chemical treatments. Draycott Chartered Surveyors can define the scale of the problem, and suggest the right course of action or an effective remedy.


The soundness of a property’s floors can be compromised in several ways. Solid concrete floor slabs can settle due to inadequate consolidation of the sub base and poor ventilation or damp can damage the integrity of a suspended timber floor structure. Upper floors can be weakened by the removal of internal supporting walls or damage to joist ends where built into damp walls. Draycott Chartered Surveyors can examine all types of floors to identify any defects and advise on required remedial works.

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